Being Accused of Domestic Violence is Very Serious

Domestic Violence has a broad definition in California. It may consist of the slightest unwanted physical contact, even when no injury results. If a 911 call is made regarding a domestic disturbance, there is a very good chance that someone will be arrested and charged with a Domestic Violence offense. California law requires law enforcement officers responding to a call for even the most minor incident of Domestic Violence to arrest the person who they deem to be the dominant aggressor. If convicted, and often upon being charged, the court will impose a restraining order and the accused will have a loss of certain rights. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can last a lifetime.

  • Do Not Delay in Getting Representation.
  • Do Not Represent Yourself.
  • Do Not Discuss Your Case With Anyone.
  • Do Not Sign Anything.
  • Do Not Waive Your Rights.

Law enforcement and district attorneys are hired to convict you. Public defenders and court-appointed lawyers are also hired and paid by the government and they don’t have the time to give your case personal attention. When you are arrested, you should immediately call an experienced, private attorney. 

3 Things to Consider When Hiring An Attorney:


North Valley Attorneys give each client individual attention. We are ready to give you and your case immediate and personal attention with a NO Charge first appointment. And we will spend as much time as necessary in that first appointment to thoroughly understand your case. Do not consider hiring an attorney that does not have a local office or that only works over the phone or online. You deserve a lawyer who will give you immediate, personal attention.


Ours is the ONLY law office in Northern California that ONLY does criminal law. Our attorneys have handled over 25,000 cases which means NO ONE HAS MORE EXPERIENCE in defending Domestic Violence and other assault cases. We are experienced in dealing with both state and federal law and we are ready, willing, and able to answer your questions about the law, and about your specific case.

At North Valley Attorneys we are here to protect your rights and vigorously defend you. DEFENDING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACCUSATIONS IS ONE OF OUR SPECIALITIES. 


When hiring an attorney, you want someone who knows the law inside and out, who knows the local court personnel and intricacies, and who will answer all your questions. North Valley Attorneys have decades of experience handling cases like yours in Northern California, and we are ready to put that knowledge to work for you. Many of the other attorneys in Butte County were taught by North Valley Attorney, Joe VanDervoort. 

If you want the BEST REPRESENTATION for your case, you want to be represented by one of North Valley Attorneys.